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July 2012

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

July 21, 2012
It’s been a tough week on Mata Hari. Until a day or two ago, temperatures were in the high 90s with about a million percent humidity and it was making me more than a little bit cranky. One thing my friends and family know about me is that I’m incredibly patient and flexible. Uh, right. So between the heatwave, my impatience, and Rich’s shoulder injury we practically had the dockside version of a perfect storm brewing.

One factor that has been adding fuel to the fire is the fact that my parents are coming for a visit the first week of August and the clock is ticking if we want to take them out on the boat when they’re here. Since we still have a lot of things on our checklist that will have to be taken care of before we can do that, I decided to give my parents a heads up that it might not be in the cards for this trip. My mom sweetly told me that they were coming to see us, not the boat. And my dad cracked me up when he said, “Don’t worry about us. I get seasick so I don’t care if we go out on the boat!” Which was very nice of him to point out. He does, however, have a stash of scopalamine (seasickness meds for those of you who aren’t familiar) that he’ll be packing just in case. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for being so flexible! Too bad I didn’t inherit that trait.

Poor Rich has really been suffering with his frozen shoulder. Of course, impatient me wasn’t really getting just how crappy he was feeling so I was pushing him to get a lot of stuff done, all the while complaining that I didn’t want to have to paint again because it was hard and why didn’t we pick the right color to begin with and blah, blah, blah. Yes, I can be incredibly charming when I want to be. Anyway, when he talked to his doctor she had the results of his MRI and said he won’t be needing surgery, which was quite a relief. She seemed to think that physical therapy, and, ahem, not overdoing it with his shoulder, should have him feeling a lot better soon. Duly noted.

In spite of all my drama and Rich feeling like crap, we did manage to get a lot of big stuff done on the boat over the weekend. We cleaned the fuel tank. (I say “we” loosely here because I started to clean it but wasn’t listening so Rich had to step in and finish the job. Whoops!) So now as soon as we can get covers made for it, we can put the fuel tank back in. This is pretty darned huge in terms of actually getting the boat out of the marina again so I’m thrilled about this one!


The fuel tank, ready for its close-up. 

We also managed to get the aft head and holding tank out. I won’t bore you with the gory details but suffice to say this was no small feat—possibly the most heinous project we’ve tackled yet—but it’s done now and we’re extremely happy about it. Good riddance!

The former location of our aft head, about to be repurposed as a closet.

Of course we had to do this on what our neighbor Randy proclaimed the hottest day of the summer thus far, so once we were done with that nasty job the rest of the time was spent trying to keep cool because, let me tell you, Jersey City was a hot mess this past weekend!

The sweet spot, where I sat with not one but two fans trained on me. Ahhh!

In spite of the heat we did manage to squeeze in a little fun here and there. On our morning bike ride to Starbucks we came upon a totally joyous Indian wedding celebration. The music was so catchy that all of us bystanders were grooving along while the groom, mounted on a white horse, was gyrating and dancing with the rest of the wedding party. We had such a blast from the sidelines that I’ve decided that actually getting invited to an Indian wedding is going on my bucket list.

Did I mention that I somehow resuscitated the pretty geraniums that our friend Rene gave us? They were looking a tad sad a few weeks ago, but I’ve nursed them back to health with my incredible green thumb (read: I started watering them).

“Monsoon Wedding,” Jersey City style!

So maybe I don’t have a green thumb, but just look at these babies!

For a large part of the weekend Rich insisted on watching Quincy on Netflix (because someone, and his initials are D.H.) told him that Quincy lived on a sailboat. It actually wasn’t that bad, but how many hours of Jack Klugman must we endure? By the way, the interiors of his boat had to be a set because there was just way more room than a sailboat had any right having. Just sayin’.

Yes, that’s “Quincy” on the computer while our actual TV waits in the wings for a new power source.

And then when the heat finally broke for a few minutes with a big thunderstorm, we were reminded of just how bad the leak in the ceiling around our mast is: pretty freakin’ bad! Add that one to the list of things to do next year because Rich says that we’ll have to pull the rig to fix the leak. Oh boy. And we were just starting to make some progress on the list for things to do this year.

After yet another day of relentlessly hot temperatures, we finally agreed (and I use the word “agreed” loosely here) that it was time to get an air conditioner and brought our new best friend “Kenny” home from Sears on Tuesday night. To say that this was an improvement is the understatement of the century. Even Rich, who was reluctant to get the thing in the beginning, seems to appreciate the wonders of climate controlled living when it gets really unbearable outside. Of course, now that we have Kenny the weather has taken a turn in a decidedly different direction and Thursday and Friday were in the low 70s and rainy, in other words: incredibly comfortable. Go figure! But we have a feeling the next heatwave is just around the corner (there have been four so far this summer) and we will be more than prepared this time.

I love the smell of air conditioning in the morning.

Last but not least, we leave you with some pics of little Ricky’s early sailing days, courtesy of his mom:

Groovy swim trunks, huh?