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July 2012

We’re Here!

July 11, 2012

The view from the Holland Tunnel…

After a lot of work and a ton of last-minute scrambling we have officially moved out of our apartment and onto the boat in Jersey City. It was a bit more of a challenge than we’d bargained for because poor Rich hurt his shoulder, but we managed. A big thanks goes out to our friend Annemarie who volunteered to help us out and hefted more than her fair share of boxes for us. We owe her big-time! And our friend Rene helped Rich finish running some of the hoses for our head. That was seriously going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you, Rene!

Lady Liberty!

Rich finally took over at the helm.

We spent a lovely Fourth of July sailing around New York harbor on Rene’s boat (replete with her stars and stripes sails). What better way to wish America a happy birthday than sailing past the Statue of Liberty? Rene was kind enough to let me take the helm, which was a lot of fun, even if I did send us in circles when we tried to come about. Whoops! We (meaning Rich and Rene) managed to sail her back into the marina, but not before the crew of a sailboat that was motoring out yelled at us that we weren’t allowed to sail into the canal. We kept on sailing into the marina but were met with frantic yelling from the fuel dock at Liberty Landing that we had to pull our sails down because it was illegal to sail into the canal. Rene wasn’t having it so we sailed on. Afterward he called and spoke to the manager who informed him that it wasn’t a problem and the kids who were yelling at us didn’t know what they were talking about. A small victory for sailors! Later that evening we went out again with Rene and his friends on his bigger boat to watch the fireworks. We were right in the middle of the action, which was pretty entertaining. It was quite a festive scene with all the big boats that people paid big bucks to get a great view of the fireworks surrounded by smaller sailboats like ours and motor boats all jammed with people. The cops were pretty aggressively herding everyone around and even boarded a couple of boats that were overloaded. When the fireworks finally started we were so close I could feel the boom from each explosion in my body, which was kind of cool. It was definitely a special way to see the fireworks!

Captain Rich at the helm waiting for the fireworks.

Happy Fourth of July!

Unfortunately our move coincided with the first big heatwave of the summer so that’s been a fun adjustment. It was so hot our first weekend that we gratefully watched Snow White and the Huntsman, despite its completely crappy storyline and horrible acting. The special effects were good, though, at least part of the time. And it was kind of amusing to see our old friend Al Swearingen (Ian McShane) of Deadwood fame shrunken down to play one of the seven dwarves. We availed ourselves of Icee therapy and became acquainted with a strange food court phenomenon known as Hawaiian Grill. We shared some kind of chicken and rice thing that was pretty delicious. I’m sure our delight with the food had nothing to do with the copious quantities of cool air pumped in by the air conditioning.

Blue raspberry Icee. Mmmmm!

Hawaiian goodness. Mom, do they have this on the Big Island?

Since the heatwave continued back at the marina, Rich, bless his heart, went to Home Depot and bought a box fan. With that sucker strategically placed over one of our hatches the air seems to circulate pretty well now and despite the crazy heat we can sleep pretty darned comfortably at night. And happily, the heatwave did finally break on Monday so we’re enjoying the milder mid-80s temperatures!

In other fun boat news, we spent a few hours last weekend having the cable guy install our Interwebs. Apparently all of the cable switches are located in a box on shore that he couldn’t find. Eventually he managed to find it, but then no one seemed to have the key so he wound up leaving to take care of his next job. But then when the maintenance guy Victor found the key, the very kind cable guy came back right away to finish the job. Hurray! So now we have Internet so we can update the blog, answer emails, and yes, watch MasterChef again!

Now we’re working on getting the engine back up and running. Remember that fuel tank Rich and Rene finally managed to get out a few weeks back? Well, we have to get it cleaned and reinstalled, along with some new filters. And then there’s the matter of the tiller. Rich has to design and build it and our friend Bill is building an attachment for the rudder. Once that’s all done, we might actually be able to take Mata Hari sailing, just in time for my parents’ visit. (Yes, she’s a sailboat, which doesn’t necessarily require the use of an engine, but it would be extremely challenging to sail her out of our slip right now!)

Then we can focus on the other big stuff. Like refrigeration. And hot water. And pressure water for showers.