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September 2012

Tiller in the House!

September 16, 2012

Yes, folks, things are really starting to happen around here. The tiller is actually installed! How exciting is that? We also installed the rudder and the fuel tank is in. We even installed new lights in the “engine room” and gave the engine a nice scrub so it’s looking pretty darned shiny again. Once we uncovered the engine’s gold paint we decided we had to give him (her?) a name, so in keeping with the Star Wars theme our engine shall henceforth be known as C3P0.

Now we have to replace the fuel filters and fire up the engine to see if we can figure out where the oil leak we noticed post-delivery is coming from. Well, that and come up with something to fill the gaping hole in our cockpit floor where the pedestal for the wheel once was (see the photo of Rich with the tiller). So far we have the following suggestions: compass rose, wine or champagne bucket (hmmmm…), and a deck prism. Any other ideas out there? This is your opportunity to be part of the process, people, so send us your suggestions!