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We’re Sailing Again!

October 4, 2012
After lots of hard work all summer we are finally sailing again. We went out for our first trip the weekend before last and it felt so good just to be out on the water. I love the tiller and the new engine control that Rich installed. And Mata Hari sailed like a champ. I think she was happy to be back out there again too. We spent a night anchored off Liberty Island before heading back home earlier than expected because the engine seemed to be overheating and we weren’t able to get it up to full throttle. Rich and Rene spent a whole day going over everything with a fine-toothed comb and determined that the engine was actually in pretty decent shape. They fixed the temperature gauge and since we weren’t actually overheating decided we should keep running it to see if an additive they put in the fuel clears our injectors and solves the problem. Fingers crossed it does the trick!

We took the boat out again this past weekend with our friends Peter and Marcy and their kids Clyde and Earl. We had a great time sailing around the harbor with them. And you’ll never believe what we found when we finally put the mainsail up. Remember the saga of our friend Vicky’s Garmin GPS that went missing on our delivery trip? Turns out it was tucked into our mainsail the whole time. Our friend Vicky was one happy camper when she heard that. And man, were we happy to see it back in her hands.

So that’s about all for now. Since we kind of missed the summer sailing season, we’re busy getting in as much sailing as possible before winter arrives. Let us know if you want to join us!