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April 2013

A Little R&R in the DR!

April 2, 2013
We just got back from an amazingly relaxing trip to Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic. Our friend Ian went a few years ago and it sounded like a great place so we decided to check it out too! And we’re really glad we did.
Las Terrenas is a funky little town of about 6,000 people on the Samaná peninsula. It used to be a sleepy little fishing village, but lately it appears to have morphed into a bustling little town with tons of French, Italian, and Canadian expats. Which means there’s quite a potpourri of international cuisine to try out, including a marvelous French bakery and a fantastic Mexican taco joint.
We stayed at a really homey little spot called Casas del Mar Neptunia that was just adorable. And the Canadian ex-pat owners Jim and Suzanne were incredibly helpful and accommodating. We cannot say enough good stuff about them!

Every morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of fruit, fresh baked bread, and delicious Dominican coffee under the palapa. Plus free Wi-Fi!

Believe it or not, one of the hardest things to adjust to in Las Terrenas was the noise. That’s right, coming from Jersey City, we had to adjust to the cacophony of the nearly constant Las Terrenas scooter, motorcycle, and ATV traffic roaring up and down its two main streets. After a few days, we hardly noticed it, but it was a bit overwhelming at first. According to Jim, the noise used to be worse because a lot of people liked to ride around without mufflers so their bikes sounded cool. The town recently passed a law against this practice, which helped a bit, but apparently a few people have gotten around it by poking holes in their mufflers! You see a lot of scooters and motorcycles with entire families on board, like this one below with a couple and their dog (who’s peeking out of the driver’s bag in front).
Our first few days were spent walking as far away from the main drag as we could possibly go. Our hotel was just across the road from Las Terrenas beach, which is actually quite pretty but we wanted to explore a bit.

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