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May 2013

My New Favorite Thing About Living on a Boat

May 24, 2013

On Tuesday the temps here reached a scorching 90 degrees, which is amazingly hot for May. And the humidity was up there, too, creating a pretty sauna-like effect. So I bailed on my plan to go to the gym after work and we took the boat out for a sail instead. Best. Decision. Ever.

As soon as we got out into the Hudson, it was easily 15 degrees cooler than it was back at the marina. As Rich explained, this is part of a phenomenon referred to as urban heat island. But never mind the science, the bottom line is we were positively thrilled to be out there! As some of you know, we didn’t get out of the marina much last summer. We were too busy working on the fuel tank and the tiller and everything else on our list. And it was hot! So what’s my new favorite thing about living on a boat? Cooling off with an after-work sail. Something we plan on doing a lot more of this summer!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone!

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