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July 2013

A Visit to the Moonie Tackle Shop

July 17, 2013

Last weekend we visited a tackle shop a friend recommended in Bayonne, NJ, to stock up on fishing and crabbing supplies for our next trip to Sandy Hook. The word on the streets is that the shop is run by Moonies so we were kind of curious to see what that was all about. Alas, no one tried to get us to sign up for a mass wedding or anything so we couldn’t confirm a Sun Myung Moon connection, but we were happy with their collection of fishing gadgets.

We found a sweet little crab trap and I tried to get Rich to buy this Smelly Jelly stuff, but he wasn’t having it. We haven’t been able to get any crabs to take the bait we’ve been using in our test runs in the marina. So far we’ve tried a Johnsonville brat and a chicken drumstick, but the crabs aren’t biting. I keep joking that we should go back for the Smelly Jelly, though I’m scared to find out what “crab attractant” actually smells like. I’ve been reading up online about what the best crab bait is, but if any crabbers out there want to weigh in, we’re all ears. Petter, are you listening?


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