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July 2013

Finally, Our First Trip of the Season

July 12, 2013


Last weekend we got a lot of stuff done on the boat, including my favorite job yet: taking the old name off the transom! Rich finished installing the new mainsail setup and took out the mast pulpit, which was just getting in the way and driving him crazy because the jib sheet kept getting caught on it. He also spent a lot of time epoxying and organizing while I cleaned the bilge (definitely not my favorite job).

After all our work was done, we set off for an overnight trip to Sandy Hook, about a three hours’ sail away. It was a scorchingly hot day so we were grateful for the nice breeze that cooled us off and allowed us to try out our new mainsail configuration. About midway there we heaved to so we could perform a little ceremony to rename the boat. We poured champagne in the water as an offering to Poseidon and I promised Mata Hari that we would take good care of her and that my grandmother (the boat’s namesake) would be watching over her too.

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