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A Trip to Long Island

August 9, 2013

Last Friday we cruised out to Long Island on our friend Drew’s boat Montombi. We motored up the East River, timing our departure so we passed under the Hell Gate Bridge at slack water to avoid having to fight the current, which is notoriously strong in this area.



Once we got out to Long Island Rich pointed to a beautiful home on the waterfront, “That’s Billy Joel’s house.” We were duly impressed. Then we saw another huge mansion. Guess who Rich said lived there too? This quickly became the weekend joke. “Wow, look at that gorgeous place on the hill! Must be Billy Joel’s house…” It never got old. He also claims he saw Martha Stewart’s Hinckley Picnic Boat sail past. After the Billy Joel stunt, Drew and I were a bit dubious, though the boat was Martha Stewart green.
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