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March 2014

¡Viva Mexico!

March 23, 2014

After a long winter that looked a lot like this most of the time:


…we finally made our escape to sunny Mexico. The explosion of color and the warm, friendly people were just what the doctor ordered to thaw our frozen norteño bones. It was like we were in one of those movies like The Wizard of Oz where back in Kansas everything was in black-and-white, and then, bam, technicolor Mexico. What a sight for sore eyes!

First stop, Mérida. This charming city and its gorgeous colonial architecture and delicious Yucatecan food swept us off our feet. By the time we left a few days later, we were already planning our next trip back and all the eating, drinking, and wandering we’d be doing. When we do return, I’ll be seriously looking into how to get a job doing cool bird graffiti like the stuff we saw all over the place. Kind of amazing how tasteful it is in some cases, almost respectful of the building’s tenants and designed to go with the existing vibe.


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