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September 2014

Lisbon to Cáceres, Spain

September 7, 2014

As much fun as the Azores were, we were excited to be on our way to Spain to visit my host family from college. We flew to Lisbon where we had booked two nights in a little apartment situated high up in the steep, hilly streets of the Alfama district below São Jorge castle.

While we were there we climbed up to the castle to check out the amazing city view. Afterward we stopped for lunch at a place called St. Andre. The guy working the grill there really seemed to know his stuff. We ordered sardines along with some house wine. Best sardines we’ve ever had, hands down.

Lisbon was beautiful and we’re both looking forward to spending more time exploring Portugal one of these days. But we had a bus to catch the next morning for Spain. My host family, who I hadn’t seen in 22 years would be picking us up at the station. I was crossing my fingers and hoping I could still speak Spanish…


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