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September 2015

Get Your Motor Runnin’

September 20, 2015


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. A long time filled with a lot of hard work, soul searching, self-doubt, and impatience. It’s been three (long!) years since we brought Mata Hari to New Jersey and in that time not a lot has gone according to plan. Like that whole “We’ll fix her up and sail off to the Bahamas in two years” plan. Nope, three years later we are still here. That’s where my best skill, being really patient (not!), has come in really handy.

But we’re finally making a little progress. Rich spent the last two months working tirelessly to install our beautiful new engine, and suddenly with the sound of our pretty new Beta 38 purring in our ears, things are looking up.

We were hoping to do a little sailing this weekend (you mean people actually sail these things?), but instead Rich’s got his nose to the grindstone at the shop making our new countertops and icebox. Meanwhile I’m at home trying to get some chores done, but I’m still in recovery mode after a long night working at Glamour on Friday until 4 a.m. (Getting a little old for these 18-hour workdays…) But since I can’t do the heavy lifting, working extra hours is my big contribution around here. Well, that and making a lot of pillows and daydreaming about spending this winter in the Bahamas. Who knows, that dream might be getting a little closer now that we have a working engine! Stay tuned…