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October 2015

It’s Just Stuff

October 21, 2015

We’re making progress. As of Monday we no longer have a storage unit. Unfortunately, we do still have a small pile of boxes left in our cockpit to go through, but that will be gone soon too. Whittling our remaining possessions down to what we’ll need for the Bahamas and what we’ll need for the chilly trip down the ICW (not to mention what we’ll need when we go back to work) is challenging. It’s just stuff, right? At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Lest you all think we’re complete slackers, we already got rid of 75 percent of the contents of our apartment three years ago to move onto the boat. Giving away our kitchen table and chairs wasn’t so hard. Although in hindsight, tables are pretty nice to have. We had two onboard when we bought the boat, but Rich ripped them out, so now we use a Coleman cooler for a table. Classy, right? Rich keeps saying a table is “on the list.” And after three long table-less years, he’s got one in the works. Here’s a pic. Not bad, huh?


In the meantime, Rich has been working his butt off to finish the big projects on the to-do list. Like our new nav station. I’m loving the drawers—having a place to put our silverware is awesome.


This might not look like the refrigerators we all know and love, but here’s a shot of our new fridge in progress. There is a door, but Rich is putting the hinge on, so we’ll have to post more pics later.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with boat refrigeration, a lot of boats have fridges that are built sideways with a door on top. This requires you to reach down inside to get your food in and out. And boat fridges usually don’t have shelves or one of those delightful chiller drawers. Not to mention that our freezer will be pint-sized: As in, just about big enough for a tray or two of ice and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. We’re still figuring out how we’re going to organize everything in there once it’s done, but it will be nice to get rid of the “temporary” dorm-style fridge that’s been taking up a lot of real estate around here for the last three years!


We also have a new Corian countertop, courtesy of Rich. He even made the bamboo cutting board. I wasn’t too sure about the hole in it at first, but it’s actually pretty handy for rinsing while you’re chopping.


Another funny thing about our boat kitchen: You’ll notice that we have two faucets (one for freshwater, one for saltwater) and we don’t have knobs to turn on the water like people in houses do. We have foot pumps instead. You use a lot less water that way, which is helpful when your water comes from a tank like ours does. When we’re not tied up at the dock we can use the saltwater pump for doing dishes, also handy for conserving water. However, one trade-off with our setup is that you don’t get hot water. Which is not to say that you can’t have hot water on a boat, in fact, many people do, but for us that’s another project for “down the road.” Good thing we’ll be someplace warm this winter…

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking. The plan is to leave the first week of November!