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July 2016

We Have a New Boat

July 30, 2016

It’s been a little quiet on the blog lately. That’s because we’ve been busy working our butts off at our day jobs and our weekend jobs, the dinghy for Rich and freelance for me. But we’re happy to announce that Lydia’s boatyard is officially closing for business.

We launched the dinghy last Saturday with a little champagne on her bow and a toast to the newest member of our boat family. Lydia and I even baked a peach pie for the occasion. Because pie! We have yet to name our new dinghy, so I wrote “Boaty” on it. (If you haven’t heard the story about what happened when the British government decided to let the Internet name one of its ships, click here.)IMG_9101Yes, this was another one of Rich’s “two-week” projects that took six months, but I’m very proud of him. Maybe building boats is like childbirth? You forget all the suffering when you see that shiny new baby boat. Rich is out there sanding in the 100-degree heat in preparation for a final coat of paint, so I’ll have to ask him later if he agrees with this theory.


After the toast, we climbed aboard to take her for her maiden voyage. We had some technical difficulties. Or I should say, I had some technical difficulties. Part of the problem was that the oars were too long. The other part of the problem was my distinct lack of upper body strength. Guess I’m going to have to work on my push-ups. Or as Rich says, what better way to get stronger than rowing? Indeed. It’s either that or get really good at dinghy motor maintenance, which Rich says he has no interest in learning. Anyone know where I can find a book on the topic?

The next day, Rich got us some shorter oars, which seemed to work a little better. I’ll have to take his word for it since I was on injured reserve due to the blister I’d formed on my thumb precisely where an oar would go in the five minutes I’d spent using one the day before.

Rich rowed us over to visit an island across Delegal Creek that we’ve always been curious about because it’s populated with wild pigs. As we went ashore I could almost imagine what the conquistadors felt like when they first landed in the New World. It was so wild and beautiful. And then I heard what sounded like a pig squealing in the distance. Okay, maybe a little too wild. Rich heard it too. We hadn’t really thought through how the pigs would feel about us invading their territory and weren’t exactly prepared to run for it in our flip-flops, so we cut our visit short and headed back to the dinghy. (We snapped the picture below after we safely reached the shore, no pigs in pursuit!)

IMG_9175 It was another scorcher of a day, so after roasting in the sun on the dinghy for a few hours, we decided to take advantage of the swimming pool (and some rum punch) at the Landings to cool off. IMG_9201Next up, outfitting the boat with an air conditioner so we can move back onto our floating home. New York City hot has nothing on Georgia hot. The humidity has finally kicked into overdrive and it’s amazing how oppressive it is even first thing in the morning. Perfect time to move back on board, right?