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September 2016

It’s Fall in Savannah, aka, Summer

September 24, 2016

Summer is my favorite season. I should say, ordinarily summer is my favorite season, because in Georgia, it’s a whole different animal. As my mother-in-law says, air conditioning saved the South, and we took advantage of it at every opportunity. But now that we’re into late September (where did the time go?) it’s starting to feel like fall around here. Well, fall in the South, which basically feels like early summer everyplace else I’ve ever lived. I’ll take it!

Last month we celebrated Rich’s 47th birthday at Tubby’s Tankhouse (the first restaurant we stopped at when we sailed into Savannah back in December) and the Wyld (this place makes a mean crab cake and an old-fashioned that made me like cocktails again). Yeah, he got two birthday dinners. Having your mom nearby has its advantages!


Rich on his birthday at Tubby’s. Pretty sure that’s not a blue crab claw.


The double rainbow Rich snapped at the Wyld.

After an extended stay at Rich’s mom’s house, we are liveaboards again. I’m not gonna lie: The realities of living on a boat when you have to look semi-professional for work can be challenging. But it helps that Isle of Hope, where we’re keeping the boat, is one of the prettiest places around. All that Spanish moss and tons of charming little houses everywhere makes it oh so easy on the eyes around here. Morning yoga is a bonus. And our neighbors here are awesome. So again, life is good!


My morning yoga view doesn’t suck.


This home in our ‘hood makes me feel like I’m in the Keys. Or have I been watching too much “Bloodline”?


Oysters grow here like crazy, including on the pilings at the marina.

I’ve been freelancing as much as I can and even wrote an article about a local eatery for the September/October issue of Savannah magazine. We were lucky enough to get invited to the party celebrating the issue and had a blast there the other night. The theme was “Havannah Nights,” complete with mojitos, a cigar bar, and salsa dancing. One of these days, I’m hoping to make it to the real Havana, but not too shabby for a Thursday night in Savannah. I’m going to have a story in their upcoming HOMES issue too. It’s so nice to get back to writing professionally after such a long hiatus.


We ventured across the river for the Savannah magazine “Havannah Nights” party at the Westin.


A beautiful night to be on the water. You can see the gold dome of city hall in the distance.

A couple of weeks ago our friends Brian and Kenny flew in to visit their Georgia peeps (our friend Robert has been in Atlanta for the last five years). We took them on a whirlwind tour of Savannah, including a stop at the Crab Shack, because gators.


Kenny said he wanted to see gators while he was in town. Mission accomplished.


Brian (left) and Robert with their new friend. I like how Robert is holding the gator’s claw ever so tenderly.

But now it’s back to work around here. As I write this, Rich is busy tearing apart our old sail cover to use as a pattern for the new one we’re making and I’m getting ready to dig into the two books I’m copyediting. We’ve got a lot of work to do if we’re ever going to get this boat to the Bahamas!