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January 2017

Happiness Is a Dry Bilge

January 31, 2017

We were treated to this beautiful sunrise when we arrived in West Palm Beach early last Wednesday after a quick overnight jaunt down from Fort Pierce. At that point we were still taking on water, but I’m excited to report that our bilge has been dry for the last 12 hours. Hurray! We think we’ve found the culprit and it should be an easy fix, which means we’ll be able to continue on our merry way to the Bahamas shortly.

Entering the Lake Worth inlet outside West Palm Beach

Of course it wouldn’t be life on a boat if we didn’t have something else to fix. Our first night here, the lever for the engine control broke, leaving us stranded until a replacement arrived. Ugh. The new one is a cool design that allows you to remove the lever when it’s not in use, so we’re pretty sure that this won’t happen again. And if for some reason we lose the lever or break it again (please, no!), we can substitute a winch handle.

But it hasn’t been all about fixing our boat in exotic locations. Our first day in town we visited the manatees that congregate near the Florida Power and Light plant to enjoy the warm water the plant emits. We couldn’t get any decent pics so you’re just gonna have to trust us when we say the mama and baby manatee we saw were cute as could be! That night we had our friend Justine out to the boat for dinner, which was super fun. Rich cooked a yummy steak and veggies that reminded us of all the great meals he whipped up for the three of us when we lived in the East Village and Justine was on the Lower East Side. Good times!

Pre-dinner sundowners in the cockpit with Justine

On Saturday we took a ride out to Delray Beach where Justine moved from NYC a few years ago. Along the way we stopped at Riggins Crabhouse and boy are we glad we did. Justine raved about the garlic crab, which I was frankly a little dubious about, until I tried it. The preparation, pan fried with garlic and oil, made it so sweet and tender that it was a clear winner for all three of us. The Maryland style with a thick crust of savory J.O. spices (which taste just like Old Bay) weren’t bad either. We also tried smoked fish dip for the first time, a South Florida specialty. Delish! So if you’re ever in Lantana, Florida, do yourself a favor and stop by Riggins.

The “before” picture at Riggins

Meanwhile, once we finish these repairs, we’re likely going to be waiting for a few days for a weather window for the Bahamas. Should give us time to test everything on our way south.