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January 2017

Water, Water Everywhere

January 23, 2017

Except, that is, in our bilge. You’d think that would be a good thing and normally it is. But not today when we’re trying to diagnose where all the water was coming from when we were offshore. We pulled in to Fort Pierce a few days ago to investigate the problem and spent the last few days at anchor waiting for an opening for a haulout. Knowing that a storm was rolling in yesterday, we took the opportunity to tie up at a marina so that today we could have someone come over and take a look before we hauled out. This morning we wiped down the bilge until it was bone dry and now, strangely, it’s stayed that way for the first time since we left Savannah. So with no water showing up, we cancelled our haulout and now the only thing to do is to go back out there and see if we can catch the water coming in and figure out where it’s coming from. Not the worst thing in the world, but it’s certainly been frustrating.

Meanwhile, we’ve had fun hanging out at anchor in Fort Pierce. We got in lots of swimming and took the dinghy out exploring while we waited for our haulout. This was the first time we’ve been able to relax in ages. I actually finished a book; one that I wasn’t being paid to read! (It’s a memoir called The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls, a former reporter for New York magazine and MSNBC, about growing up with crazy parents and man, is it good.)

Finally getting to swim in water where we can see the bottom of our own boat!

A boy and his dinghy

Yesterday we tied up at the marina right next to this little mangrove islet that what we’ve taken to calling Bird Island for obvious reasons. It’s been pretty windy here the last few days so I don’t know if they’re hiding there for protection but the sheer quantity of avian life going on over there is kind of eye-popping. We’ve been able to watch the pelicans fishing all day, which is always an amazing sight to see, especially from this close.

Bird Island: One thing that’s not so fun to experience up close? The fishy stench of their droppings, which we had the pleasure of cleaning up as we were washing down the boat yesterday. Gag!

So tomorrow we’re heading down the ICW to see if we can re-create the situation that caused all that water to wind up in our bilge on the way here. Wish us luck!