A Perfect End to the Best Summer Ever

September 4, 2013

This has been the best summer ever. And we just got back from the best trip to Seattle ever!

We started it all off with a party to celebrate my parents’ 45th anniversary. We decorated Mom’s backyard with lights and flowers and it all looked so twinkly and pretty. All four of us kids were home for the occasion, which was a big treat. Even the rain that was threatening never materialized. All in all  it was a great night and a good time was had by all!


After the party we managed to squeeze in some time with our friends Dierk and Katy at her family’s cabin near Hood Canal. It’s really nature-y out there so we got to see all kinds of cool wildlife, like the geoduck (that’s pronounced “gooey” duck for those of you who aren’t familiar with this clam with a long neck that sticks up above the surface of the sand) farm down the beach, clams Dierk dug right out of the sand, cool purple starfish, tons of sand dollars, and sea puppies (aka, seals) lounging on a swim platform sunning themselves. Dierk got a geoduck from one of the farmers and barbecued it for us one night for dinner. Scary though they may look, they do taste delicious—and apparently can bring as much as $150/pound in Asia. Dierk and Katy are even growing their own oysters (which we got to sample in a pasta that Rich made for me and my mom when we got back to my parents’ house and they were delish). Aside from communing with nature, we spent a fair amount of time drinking beer and shooting the empties with bb guns. Always good times with Dierk and Katy!



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We also took a trip with my family into Seattle to visit Olympic Sculpture Park. We enjoyed the artwork and walking along the waterfront, where we saw this seagull who’d caught a starfish but didn’t know what to do with the thing once it was in his mouth. Seattle is getting cool. There’s a Ferris wheel now that looks a lot like the one in London and the vibe is just a lot hipper and artier than I remember. Yay, Seattle!






My mom and I took Rich to Salty’s in Redondo to celebrate his birthday. We’ve been dying to eat crab all summer and the crab legs at Salty’s did not disappoint. The birthday boy shared the white chocolate raspberry cake they brought out for his dessert and it was pretty good too. The white chocolate wasn’t too sweet and had a nice shredded texture and the raspberry sauce was delightfully tart and paired surprisingly well with the white chocolate. Next door was a tiny little locally run aquarium where we stopped in to look at jellyfish, an octopus, and all kinds of other cool sea creatures.

P1010153small P1010156smallIMG_6738small

That evening we went to our friends Brian and David’s wedding in Seattle. They’ve been together 21 years so this party has been a long time coming. They came down the aisle to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” which was completely awesome and really made the crowd go wild. Their dog Poncho was the ring bearer and performed his duties like a champ. It was a great party and so fun to catch up with old friends.



And now we’re back home on the boat. I’m sad to see summer go, but maybe now that fall is here we can check a few more things off our project list. Next up, new hatches!

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  • Reply Carrie September 4, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    Love your photos! What is that long slimy thing someone is holding. My kids want to know.LOL

    • Reply Monica September 4, 2013 at 2:32 pm

      Carrie, it’s a geoduck (pronounced “gooey duck”) clam. The long part sticks up out of the sand so the rest of the clam can burrow down deep. They were my college’s mascot!

  • Reply Susan September 5, 2013 at 9:14 am

    We enjoyed seeing both of you so much! Such a treat to have everyone together. Thanks for a great party!

    • Reply Monica September 5, 2013 at 10:44 am

      We enjoyed seeing you guys too! It was hard coming home… 🙂

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