Crossing the Mason-Dixon Line

November 23, 2015

We’re officially in the South now. Walking into town the other night, we were briefly taken aback when a man passing us on the sidewalk said hello. They certainly don’t do that in New York, but it is a nice tradition that we’re working on getting used to. Welcome to Portsmouth, Virginia! It’s gotten surprisingly cold here (36 this morning when we woke up), so we’re grateful to be tied up at a marina where we can run our heater.


We came into Norfolk’s harbor, otherwise known as Hampton Roads, at around 5:30 Saturday morning. (My ICW guide tells me that roads means “anchorage” in old mariner speak, but of course, Rich being an old salt already knew that.) It’s one of the world’s largest natural harbors and is composed of the mouths of the Elizabeth, James, and Nansemond rivers and empties into the Chesapeake. It’s also the official start of the ICW.

The sun wasn’t up yet when we arrived, so we were lucky to spot a shadowy shape off our port bow that turned out to be a green channel marker whose light had gone out and wasn’t equipped with a bell. We were a bit bleary eyed from our long night sailing, but that woke us up. We cruised in to a pink-tinged sunrise view of the harbor, home to Norfolk’s naval base and full of huge military ships. Rich will tell you we saw an aircraft carrier, a couple guided missile frigates, and an amphibious assault ship (the kind with a boat garage inside). Pretty amazing to sail that close to them. And yet, after being up all night I was kinda wondering why we were going so slow. Were we fighting the current? Um, no. Rich had slowed us down to ogle the cool ships. Grrrr!




When we finally tied up at the dock in Portsmouth, we discovered a few new problems to add to the list of things to work on that when we get to Savannah. People say that cruising is fixing your boat in paradise. A week in, I think it’s safe to say that sounds about right. That is, if 36 degrees is your idea of paradise. Guess we’re still waiting for that part!


Our friend Michelle works for the company that owns Liberty Landing, the marina across from ours back home. Her company just bought Ocean Marine Yacht Center in Portsmouth, so she’s been down here working and told us to come tie up here while we were in town. We got to have dinner with her on Saturday and watched the Packers game together last night. I think it’s fair to say that she’s a rabid Packers fan. She spent a lot of time in Wisconsin as a kid and her husband, JP, is from Sturgeon Bay. (Did I marry the only Wisconsin boy who doesn’t care about the Packers?) Anyway Michelle was a lot of fun and took great care of us. Thanks, Michelle! Hope to see you and JP in the Bahamas.

Tomorrow we plan to start making our way down the Dismal Swamp. From what we’ve read, it’s one of the prettiest parts of the ICW, despite the ominous-sounding name. This stretch is only about 50 miles, so we hear it’s possible to do it in one day, but you have to time everything just right with the bridge openings and transiting two locks. Guess we’ll have to see how it goes. If there’s one thing I’m learning, it’s that a lot of things are beyond your control when you’re sailing. And that’s okay.


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  • Reply Susan James November 23, 2015 at 8:09 pm

    Just home from work. Read your post with pleasure while listening to the news. So glad you are meeting friendly people along the way. Despite the bleak news, I am convinced that there are lots more good guys in the world than bad guys. Hope you continue to encounter them. We’re experiencing cold weather too. The kids at school are hoping for snow on Tuesday, but I’m afraid they may be disappointed, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that its here and not where you are☃🌨❄️

    • Reply Monica November 24, 2015 at 8:38 am

      I agree, there are more good people than bad out there! I hope the kids get their snow day. Feels like we could have one here. We’ve got frost on the docks here this morning and 29 degrees. Time to get moving south!

  • Reply Chris Williams November 24, 2015 at 9:02 am

    Monica, this is quite an adventure. Fascinating! Beautiful pictures. Water looks choppy though. Do you get seasick?

    • Reply Monica November 24, 2015 at 9:48 am

      Thanks, Chris! Sadly, I do have occasional bouts of seasickness. The patch helps!

  • Reply Lauren November 29, 2015 at 6:39 am

    Such progress! Glad you’ve had the opportunity to warm up between the motoring, and looking forward to hearing about the Dismal Swamp.

    • Reply Monica November 30, 2015 at 1:15 pm

      Well, it’s a lot warmer now that we’re in Hilton Head! The Dismal Swamp was awesome but seems like ages ago now!

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