Falling in Love with Hope Town

May 14, 2017

It’s gotten a little quiet on the boat of late as we contemplate what the future holds and start counting down the days we have left in the Bahamas. We’ve been enjoying the Abacos while we still can. For a hot second we contemplated skipping them, but I am so glad we didn’t! No, the water here isn’t the mind-blowing blue with 30 feet of visibility that we’ve grown so accustomed to in the Exumas. (It’s dazzlingly green with 10 feet of visibility…the horror! We are really spoiled now.)

But the Abacos have their own shining jewel: Hope Town. We loved meandering through the pastel fever dream of adorable candy-colored cottages downtown. We even got invited into one of those cottages to have a drink and watch the Kentucky Derby. Our hosts, Ray and Katy insisted on sharing some of the bounty from their garden with us, so we wound up walking out with two new Abaconian friends and a handful of delicious finger peppers (perfect for making conch salad).

By the time we left Hope Town, we’d also befriended our dockmaster Robert (who gave us a ride to shore from our mooring ball on the sly and gave me a hug when we left) and Barbara, who stole both of our hearts when we met her at super-cute bar On Da’ Beach. She told us all about growing up here as the youngest of eight. Hugs were necessary when we said our goodbyes to Barbara too.

Hope Town, you are a very special place indeed!

View from Hope Town Lighthouse

View of Hope Town harbor from the top of the red-and-white striped lighthouse

Almost all of the houses have a nautical or other cute theme (pineapples, turtles, you name it). I loved these little whales!

This was hanging on the bathroom wall at Roy and Katy’s. After all our years in NYC, we could relate!

Hope Town Starfish

We found this amazing starfish on the beach just a bike ride away from town.

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