Getting Mata Hari Ready for Her Close-Up

August 1, 2012

The weekend before last was a restful one. We didn’t do any serious projects on Mata Hari and just really took it easy. Rich really needed to rest his shoulder so he can get better and I’ve been wiped out from all the stuff we’ve been doing so I wasn’t complaining about taking a break. On Saturday evening our friend Rene took us out for a sail. Just when we thought we had our new town all figured out, Rene threw us a curve ball with Port Liberté, a section of Jersey City that’s built around canals and is kind of like Jersey’s own Venice. It had a kind of European vibe that felt a tad surreal in the middle of New Jersey!


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We finished up with an evening sail past Manhattan. Just what the doctor ordered!

This past weekend, we finally got around to giving Mata Haria decent scrubbing. A friend was thinking of coming out for a visit on Sunday so it was the perfect excuse for us to swab the decks. The friend didn’t wind up making it out, but Mata Hari felt a little lighter and perkier after we were finished. I got the feeling she was grateful that she finally got her first bath since we brought her up from Maryland. She looked pretty darned good, too!

Once the scrubbing was done we got into painting. I painted the walls of the aft cabins and the v-berth so now they’re a nice beige-y color that looks pretty nice. Soon we’ll be painting the lockers and engine compartment the same color. Yes, that’s right, we already painted them once, but the color is a retina-scaldingly bright white and just doesn’t look right with Mata Hari‘s beige decks and interiors.


In other exciting boat news, we built a new step. Mata Hari has a lot of freeboard, fancy boat speak meaning there’s a lot of her standing above the water, so it can be a challenge to climb up without a step. Our previous one was just a wobbly stack of wood, but Rich designed a new and improved version. Since he’s supposed to be resting his shoulder, he let me handle the circle saw. As you’ll notice if you look closely I’m still learning to cut both sides of the wood in a straight line, but we did manage to work with the pieces I cut and now we have a step that’s a lot more stable. Pretty fancy, huh?

What else? Rich couldn’t sit still for long so he wound up taking down a wall in our forward head, which made it downright roomy up there. And he took out some more of the aft head shelving and ripped out the carpet that lined the wall (can’t wait to scrape the remnants of that stuff off!) while we contemplate taking out another wall there to increase the size of the berth. Any reason we shouldn’t do that? Speak now or forever hold your peace, people.

After we finished painting and ripping out walls we were going to try out our new Frisbee but another crazy intense rainstorm came in and soaked us. We’ve been getting these really, really wild storms up in here and this was yet another doozy.

And now we’re eagerly awaiting my parents’ arrival for a weeklong visit. Yay!

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