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January 22, 2013

I know, this post is waaaaaay overdue. But we’ve been busy! We spent a lovely Thanksgiving with Rich’s family. Rich’s dad brought old home movies from when the kids were little that were really fun to watch. We all agreed that Rich’s mom Lydia was Megan Draper (of Mad Men fame) with her cute ’60s hairdos and chic outfits.

We got to spend Christmas with Lydia and Don in their new digs in Savannah. What an interesting part of the country! We fell in love with the Spanish moss and all that history, not to mention the delectable food. Lydia and Don have really embraced their new life as Southerners. Don got a little Boston Whaler and is learning how to navigate the waters around Skidaway. He’s also becoming an expert on the local bird population. While we were there we saw tons of beautiful egrets and a Great Blue Heron who liked to catch his breakfast in one of the ponds behind their house. Lydia has been busy racing sailboats with the local guys and painting up a storm. Yes, retired life suits them!


Not Lydia’s house! (It’s the house from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.)


One of the many squares in Savannah.

We took a quick trip to Tybee Island. Such a treat to be at the beach at Christmastime! Tybee seems like a fun town. Apparently they have tons of parades and festivals, including a pirate festival. We’ll have to come back to check that one out!


We loved Tybee and its beachy Christmas decorations.


A-J’s provided even more crazy decorations and delicious shrimp!


The beach at Tybee.


Rich and Lydia launching the boat for our sail.


Lydia and Don’s marina was very user-friendly: Just tell them which boat and they put it in the water for you!


We had some of the best green beans and fried chicken I’ve ever had here. Good choice, Don!

We had such nice warm weather one day in Skidaway that we decided to go out for a sail. We took a Rhodes 19 out and had a great time on the water. I had the tiller for a few minutes but the winds were a little too strong for my beginner skills so I handed it over to Rich. After a while the wind was beating us up a bit so Rich decided to decided to take down the mainsail (he says I should say that he decided to “shorten sail by taking down the mainsail because there were no reef points” … whatever that means) despite Lydia’s protests that these little boats don’t sail well on the jib alone. After two tacks sailing upwind, we learned that, guess what? Mom was right. Up went the mainsail and back in we went “pinching hard” to make headway.Looking forward to trying it again next time we’re in town, perhaps with a little less wind!

We spent a day in Charleston, which is a few hours away by car. What a pretty little town with all those adorable little houses with the sideways porches. We tried about a million samples of pralines before we finally decided on the perfect one…which happened to be from Savannah! If you’re ever in Savannah (or Charleston), check out River Street Sweets.


A chair from the restaurant we had lunch at in Charleston. I’m only slightly obsessed with pineapples now.


A stroll through Charleston.

We had such a lovely time with Don and Lydia it was a little sad having to return home to real life. When we got back we were happy to see that Mata Hari was still floating and nothing had gone awry while we were away from her for a whole week.

We spent New Year’s Eve watching the fireworks over New York harbor on our friend Rene’s boat. It was chilly but not too bad. Maybe the hot cider and rum helped just a little bit! It was a great way to ring in the New Year for sure.

Fireworks! On a boat?

And we leave you with a few pics from where it all started… Thank you, Lydia and Bruce for introducing Rich to the world of sailing. We wouldn’t be on this crazy journey if it wasn’t for you!


The Scarlet Ribbon and her crew.


Chris and Ricky playing on the beach.


Boat babe Lydia.

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  • Reply Alexandra D. January 22, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    I love Savannah and Charleston. We’ve been to both places many times since they are not too far from us. Glad you guys had a great time.

    • Reply Monica James January 27, 2013 at 12:17 am

      Thanks, Alexandra. We love them too!

  • Reply SeattleSue January 22, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    I’ve missed your posts. So glad to see you’re back in business. Looks like you’ve been having lots of fun. Can’t wait to hear about MataHari’s next voyage.

    • Reply Monica James January 27, 2013 at 12:15 am

      Thanks, Seattlesue! We can’t wait for it to warm up a bit around here so we can actually go on another voyage!

  • Reply Kiini Ibura April 2, 2013 at 10:29 am

    Wow, these old pictures are great!

    • Reply Monica James April 4, 2013 at 1:33 am

      Thanks, KK! Rich’s mom had some good stuff in the old archives.

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