Our Own Private Island(s): Wax and Little Pigeon

April 9, 2017

We were fortunate to be invited to hang out with Wayne and Connie and their friends Mikey and Di at Wax Cay. It’s a private island with a resort on it made up of villas brought over from Vietnam and reassembled here.

View of the path up to the rec room at Wax Cay.

One of two rattan motorcycles that hang from the ceiling in the rec room.

Not a bad vista from Wax Cay

There’s Mata Hari on the left anchored near Norman Cay. Our draft is a little deep for Wax so we dinghied over.

Mikey and Di own Yamacraw, an old Chesapeake Bay buy boat that they now use to run supplies back and forth from Nassau to the Exumas. We did a potluck dinner on the dock (our contribution of deluxe Kraft macaroni and cheese was a hit!). Mikey and Di are fascinating between the boat’s history serving in the war to Mikey’s upbringing in the Bahamas where his parents rubbed elbows with the rich and famous (apparently Sean Connery was a great pal of his dad’s).

Mikey, Di, and Wayne hanging out in the shade of the Yamacraw

Rich, Wayne, and his dog Scrappy taking a ride over to our boat

Mikey’s owned the Yamacraw since he was 21 and drives her like a pro so we were thrilled to be invited to take a spin on her over to Pigeon Cay, another private island owned by the folks behind Sands beer. The quick ride over was awesome. Beautiful blue skies and even bluer water.

Mikey at the helm on the ride over to Pigeon Cay

Hanging out with Wayne, Connie, and Scrappy (who loves to give kisses) on the foredeck of the Yamacraw

We had been curious about Pigeon Cay since we anchored nearby a month or so ago. We knew it was private and wondered who could be so lucky to own this little piece of paradise. We met Claire Sands in her charming little blue and coral beach house surrounded by a fantastic collection of  glass bottles she’s found over the years and the beads she uses to make the jewelry she sells in her shops at Atlantis and Harbour Island. She’s very passionate about Bahamian arts and crafts, especially weaving or “plait” and works with local artists to create her signature woven straw bags. They’re so sturdy that Di says she uses them on their boat to haul things to shore all the time.

While we were chatting over a few Sands beers (I tried the refreshing pink Radler) a little yellow banana bird flew in the window, which seemed like cause for alarm, but Claire just nodded calmly and said this happens all the time. She loves those birds. Claire asked us where we’d been so far in the Bahamas and when we mentioned Big Majors she shared a story about some tourists who shot a couple of the pigs and roasted them up for dinner a few years back. I guess the pigs and the tourists have been at odds for longer than we thought! (By the way, I googled this little story and couldn’t find anything about it, but Claire should know, right?)

After our time at Wax and Pigeon we popped over to Shroud Cay with Wayne and Connie and hung out on the beach for most of the day. Their potcake dog Scrappy had us in stitches with his antics in the water. Rich and Wayne hopped in the dink with Scrappy and towed Connie and I in the kayak and the SUP over to the end of the creek and the salt flats.

Good times on the beach at Shroud Cay

Connie brought out this awesome cooler called the The Big Bobber that floated in the water and kept the drinks nice and cold.

Scrappy never got tired of fetching in the water.

Needing a Batelco tower to get Internet and do real-life stuff like taxes, we said goodbye to our friends and made the run back to Long Cay. The next morning we woke up to a dolphin swimming around the cove. So cool! We’ve hardly seen any since we got to the Bahamas. I wasn’t as enchanted with the remora that was in the water with me when I tried to dive for the sink plug that I’d dropped overboard. I’m (pretty) sure they won’t hurt me, but those things seriously gross me out. So long, sink plug!

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    Such great encounters you are having! And, no, the remora won’t hurt you 😉

    • Reply Monica April 22, 2017 at 12:53 pm

      I know, but they’re so gross!!

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