August 2, 2013

P1000676Rich’s friend Andrew sailed into town a few weeks ago from Detroit on his new boat, Montombi. It took him about two weeks to get here, passing through 36 locks and even having to take down his mast at one point. Quite a journey! His plan is to leave his boat in New Jersey for the winter and then sail it over to England next summer. We’re thinking about joining him for the trip…


He seems to have brought good weather with him because the heatwave that was keeping temps here in the mid-90s finally broke and we’ve been having deliciously cool nights, perfect for sailing…and sleeping! He also seems to have brought us good luck with crabbing because we finally caught a bunch out at Sandy Hook! We were looking for blue crabs, but these were green or “spider” crabs so we threw them back, but it’s good to know our trap works. Chicken drumsticks seem to do the trick as bait. Thanks to everyone for all the pointers! Alas no fish were biting on Rich’s Cuban yo-yos. We’re heading out to Oyster Bay for the weekend and will try our luck there.


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  • Reply Susan August 2, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Hope you have a great catch this weekend! Sailing to Europe…..sounds like a great trip. Would you sail MataHari or go in the other boat?

    • Reply Monica August 6, 2013 at 7:09 am

      We’d go on his boat to help him with the crossing… A practice run before we do it on our own boat!

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