Tackling Our Project List

June 27, 2013


Now that it’s warmed up, we’re finally getting to work on a couple of big projects. Like our bed. Currently, we’re sleeping in the salon on what could be loosely referred to as a double bed. It’s more like a 1.5 berth with even less room at the foot of the bed where the mast cuts in a bit. Since we’re both fairly tall, this is less than ideal. So Rich has proposed a pretty radical idea for converting our bed into a more comfortable one. We’re planning on working on it this weekend so stay tuned for an update on what we’re hoping will be a massive improvement in our quality of life.

Rich also has a bunch of ideas for remodeling our kitchen, but I’ve talked him out of doing anything about it until the fall. At the moment our kitchen really is a disaster: the stove top works but not the oven, the sinks are way too small and awkward, the refrigeration doesn’t work so we’ve been using a dorm-size fridge that nothing fits in. You get the idea. But now that we have a barbecue we do a lot of our cooking in the cockpit. That means there’s no real need for an oven (and it’s going to be too hot for that pretty soon anyway). Plus, barbecuing means a lot less dishes to wash! So I’m content to wait to tear apart our kitchen until the fall when the hellish summer heat will be past us but it will still be warm enough to be living in a construction site.

Instead we’re going to focus on the stuff that makes the boat more functional and safe. Rich just bought the acrylic to redo our hatches, which are all crackly and leaky and you can’t see out of them anymore. Not surprising after 29 years of use! He’s also in the process of converting our mainsheet from a cabin-top traveler to a fixed system in the cockpit. The main benefit is that this will allow the mainsheet to be operated by hand instead of by a winch mounted on the cabin top, which will make it easier for us to single-hand the boat when we finally go cruising and are taking turns doing watches. We also just received the plans for building our nesting dinghy, which we’re pretty excited about!

Meanwhile, I’ve been tackling organizing and storage. We dropped off some of our winter clothes at the storage unit, which is helping a bit. I found some watertight boxes at the Container Store that passed muster with Rich so I’ve started putting our summer clothes and linens in those. And being averse to being eaten alive by mosquitoes I’ve been researching screens for our windows (aka, ports). Right now we have these cool temporary screens that go over the hatches and the companionway that Rich has been faithfully putting up every night to appease me. So far, they’re working pretty well. I’m also working on a few new pages about the boat and Mata Hari the person, which will be coming very soon.

In other news, my parents had to cut short their vacation to Hawaii because my dad had a detached retina. He’s recovering at home after surgery under strict orders to lie down on his side for the next week. Until then, we won’t know if his vision will be restored, so he’s in our thoughts right now as we hope for a good outcome.

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  • Reply Susan June 27, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    Loved hearing about all your plans. Looking forward to seeing pics as you go along. Dad is enjoying the latest Jack Reacher that you sent him and trying his best to stay prone…….

    • Reply Monica June 27, 2013 at 4:30 pm

      Pics will be forthcoming… Give Dad a hug from us!

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